Steel technics by FMB: Glass-Spot

Our Point holder has been approved by the County office for structural engineering (Trade office of the county Baden-Württemberg) in reference of the compliance of predetermined construction criteria for the „simplified acceptance in an individual case“. The compliance certificate is available to view at the client’s request.


The glass fastening system Glass-spot (GS) consists of several different types of GS holders, and is the connection element between glass panes and the facade structure. It therefore has to have the requirement ability to divert applied forces (own weight, wind pressure and wind suction) onto the sub structure. This is achieved by installing the GS into the drilled holes within the glass panes, and connecting their bolts by using a screw into the substructure.


It should be noted that the Glass-spot method is one of several methods of securing glass panes to a facade or roof structure and we can offer advice etc on these.