PSS-D rail profile system

The normal fixing of the rails is achieved by using 2 x M6 fasting screws, where the normal distance between brackets can be achieved. When this is not possible our engineers will suggest alternatives.


To allow us to meet the demands of architects as well as maintaining the technical/structural requirements, various profiles are available. Specific fixings can be offered, to allow for as an example brackets for steel gratings which integrate with the PSS system.


Not all buildings are square, where there are curves or corners the running element can be shaped or bent to meet the requirements of the structure. Where the running element connects or abuts the type H will pass smoothly and freely.


Positioned at each end of the running element are ‘end stops’ wich will prevent the type H unit from travelling any further, the failure of which could lead to an accident. We pride ourselves that by using only the best possible materials with a high quality finish they completely fulfil the required standards.


We offer PSS-D Rail profile systems for: