PSS-C wire rope based system for roofs

The Safety Wire is made from stainless steel and is pre-tensioned. The wire passes through stainless steel brackets that are themselves fixed to the structure using a M12 screw fastening.


Where standard fixings cannot be achieved, then our Design Team will recommend a fixing that will be safe and not compromise the building structure.


When using the Slider the unit passes freely over the brackets. The Slider Unit has the ability to be fitted or removed from any part of the system, thus allowing a client flexibility for its usage, this is achieved by the sliders own unique design. This ability does not effect the ‘systems’ overall safety as it takes to definite action to remove the slider from the safety wire.
Where there are tight corners or difficult shapes to a building then purpose made corners can be introduced which the Slider units can pass effortless over.

Also polygonal-formed Person-Safety Systems are realistically possible.

At the start and end of a system is a device called “end unit”. This unit tensions and terminates the stainless steel cable. They are fixed using M4, M12 or M16 screws.


By using high quality materials and treatment of the surface, the person-safety system fulfils highest quality and aesthetic requirements. All of the system components including fixing material and substructure components are produced from stainless steel. As a standard the visible surfaces are electro-polished. The running elements are manufactured out of aluminium alloy (naturally anodized) or stainless steel.


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Facts and information regarding PSS-C Roof